ep onymous bird

by the furniture

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Tom Jones
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Tom Jones This is the purest form of rock and roll. It's jagged and honest and passionate and imperfect. I see the duct tape, the sweat, the amps. I'm transported to the front row, and I don't know how that works. I'm concerned for the time-space continuum if I ever do get to see them live. Favorite track: ominous bird.
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ep onymous bird
by the furniture

1. ominous bird
2. coco chanel


released May 20, 2015

nkls ward played baritone guitar and sang songs.

jeff walsh played the drums.

recorded and mixed by shaun curran @ the napoleon complex in somerville, ma on 4/4/15.

mastered by kurt schneider @ cat castle.

art by chelsea mae gawlick.



all rights reserved


the furniture Somerville, Massachusetts

the furniture is nicholas and jeff and mike and we play rocknroll music in massachusetts.

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Track Name: ominous bird
put down the rope.
the hanged man's house ain't the place for those jokes.
you're swinging from the wrong end of hope.

it's a beautiful song.
you sing it like an angel but you got the words wrong
and that's why we're all singing along.

it's a scavenger's life.
human silhouettes on the edge of a knife
and picking up the pieces most nights.

you take 'em to bed
and every morning there's a funeral you've got to attend
'cause the lover always dies at the end
and everybody lies to their friends.

well, i know i know i know i know, man, you know misery.
we're talkin talkin talkin but there's nobody listening.
i know i know i know i know you swore me to secrecy
but everyone knows everything already.

you've got a dangerous mouth
and you know i love that color that you're wearing right now.
whisper in my ear and i'll shout

your siren words.
and i know i know this melody is one that i've heard.
you sing it like an ominous bird.
i guess we're getting what we deserve.
Track Name: coco chanel
i've been taking off one piece of jewelery
just before leaving the house.
and i play a machine that kills fascists.
there's a factory turning them out.

i'm trying to recycle a symphony.
igor stravinsky be damned.
it's a nod to the titans of industry
for putting their names on museums.
thanks for leaving those things out where we could see 'em.

i am fillable
but now coco chanel was a nazi.
i guess coco chanel was a nazi.
and i don't know why it came as such a surprise.

woody guthrie got huntington's chorea
and suffered for years before he died.
maybe bob dylan wrote propaganda
but he and i are on the same side.

we've all had our clothes chosen for us.
ain't i dressed up like a regular guy?
someone thought of your profile before us,
and damn, did that gal have an eye.
i guess nobody's right all the time.